Breast Reduction Surgery for Women

When the shape and contours of your body are proportional to one another and just the right size for your physique, it enhances your comfort, function and confidence. For women with large breasts that are creating a physical burden or emotional distress, a breast reduction procedure may be the best way to restore balance and alleviate the associated issues.

With a breast reduction procedure, our plastic surgeon can give you breasts that are smaller, lighter and more attractive. Among the many benefits you will enjoy after breast reduction are:

  • A more proportional and attractive body profile
  • A relief from the physical discomfort and limitations caused by large and heavy breasts
  • Improved breast shape, size and appearance
  • Bras and clothing that both fit and look better
  • A greater sense of body confidence at the beach or when working out in form-fitting gear

Based upon your aesthetic goals and the specific needs of your case, our plastic surgeon will customize your treatment plan and determine the best approach to care. During the surgery, excess breast tissue, glandular tissue and skin is removed to reduce the size of your breasts to improve your body profile and proportions. As part of the procedure, enlarged or stretched areolas and/or nipples can be modified and repositioned to improve their appearance and to match the size and look of your new, smaller breasts.

While female breasts are influenced by the aging process, weight gain, pregnancy or hormonal changes throughout life, the benefits of a breast reduction procedure can help you look and feel your very best. At your consultation visit, we’ll discuss your candidacy for a breast reduction procedure.